Online Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular and sought after games around the world, and also in Canada. This is mainly because it is easy to play, exciting and loads of fun. Although video poker is somewhat similar to regular table poker, it’s actually less complicated and there’s no pressure from other players at the table. You don’t need to be as well studied on the rules of poker, or worry about competing against other players, many of whom take poker very seriously. The game is simple, and the bets are systematic, which makes it easy to pick up as you go along.

Basically, video poker is hybrid of regular table poker and an online slots game. It’s not as skill dependant as regular poker and is way more fun to play, but it is also less luck dependant than slot games. You are required to learn your bets and put more effort in than simply pushing a button like in a slot game, but it has quite a few advantages over both regular poker and slot casino games. After all that, video poker is still a skill game, not a pure luck game, although one with simpler rules than other popular games found in casinos. This means that it is a great start for the Canadian player wondering where to go first in the huge world of online casinos in Canada.

As we have stated, video poker is quite an easy game to play. It is based on regular poker so it involves placing bets on cards. The first thing to do is to set the value of each credit. Once that has been done you place your bet. This means that you make choose how many credits you would like to put down per hand. It is worth noting here that jackpots are more likely when betting the maximum. Now you simply press the deal card button, and voila! A hand of cards is dealt to you.

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Once you have your cards, you then choose which ones you want to keep and with ones you want to throw away, kind of like 5 card stud. The aim is to end up with a winning five card hand. Keep checking the games pay table to see the best wining hands and how much they pay out. Once you have decided on which cards you are going to keep, you will receive replacements for the ones you chucked. If these new cards add up to a winning hand, you’ve won!

In some video poker games you also get an added bonus game if you strike it lucky. These usually base around being able to double or nothing your winnings. Players will be dealt 5 cards, one face up and four face down. If you find choose a face down card with a higher value than the face up one, you win!

Types of Video Poker

There are two main types of video poker available in Canada, the simpler regular game, which just features one hand, and the more complex Multi-hand that features multiple hands. The more complex option allows players to wager on more than one hand at once, which ends up being pretty exciting! These two types of video poker are available in multiple variants, with some of the casinos recommended by featuring over 40 different styles, including the ever popular jacks or better, Deuces Wild and Double Double Bonus Poker.