Apple Watch Casino Games in Canada

Smart watches have taken the Canadian market by storm and are so popular that there are now quite a number of different brands to choose from. Enter the Apple Watch. The Apple watch is the newest wearable technology to hit the mobile online casino market here in Canada.

When the Apple Watch was first launched, and even before it was launched, there was such a feeling of secrecy and anticipation about it that it became one of the most talked about topic on tech blog sites across the world. Now that it is here, we have to ask, how and to what extent will it fit into the online mobile casino industry?

Sleek Design

Before the Apple watch was launched, no one actually knew what it was going to look like. Now that it’s here, we can quite clearly see how wonderfully it will fit into the lives of players who frequent the online mobile casino world. With a very well designed touch screen, super clear graphics and the ability to run apps, the Apple watch has the ability to offer the discerning Canadian player the same experience as you would get playing on your Apple smartphone or tablet. Obviously because of the much smaller screen size, the graphics are limited. You wouldn’t want a watch the size of your tablet on your wrist would you?

How Does the Apple Watch Work?

The Apple watch links directly to your Apple mobile phone via blue tooth. So you phone does still have to be in the vicinity, for example in your pocket. Your phone is like the mother ship. It sustains the internet connection and converses with your Apple Watch. So you do have to have an Apple mobile device, you cant just have the watch. The watch itself has its own battery, and runs its own apps. It’s not simply another screen of your phone. What this means for a casino player, is discreet, mobile access to online casinos in Canada wherever they are.

Casino Slots and Apps Online

The Apple watch has become vastly popular around the world and in Canada as an online mobile casino gaming device, so much so that more and more developers are turning their attention creating software specifically for your Apple Watch.

The first step was sports betting. This was a fairly simple thing to transfer to the watches interface. Live in-play betting is made possible by the Apple Watches constant connection to other apple devices in the vicinity, allowing important information to be instantly sent to your watch, making clinically precise notifications of result changes.

The next step was online mobile slot games. The casino slots online that are available for your apple watch are obviously not as in depth as the slots available for example pc users, as you are limited by screen size and graphic quality. But some pretty good purely Apple Watch slots are already coming onto the market and receiving a whole bunch of attention.

Not only can the Apple watch user expect totally new slots to become available, but also developers are spending considerable time and energy developing already existing games into Apple Watch friendly versions. So how do you know where these apps and casinos are? Simple peruse our site for all the best choices for you and your Apple Watch!