Sic Bo Casinos Canada

Sic bo is a game that is not difficult to understand and play. Unlike games like online blackjack games and video poker online there is no particular strategy to master before you can get the most out of this game. The main idea is simply to place your bet on the table and then wait for the dice to be rolled, and then collect the winnings.

The rules are exactly the same when you play sic bo online. In fact, sometimes the odds are even more favourable. The player selects the value of the bet he wants to make, and then clicks on the specific area he wants to place it. The game uses three dice and the table has a range of betting options. The whole game is actually a prediction on the outcome of the roll of the three dice.

Sic bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game, still very popular in Asian gaming rooms, and often played in the United States and Canada. The essence of the game has remained the same over the centuries, and still depends on the pure luck of the draw. The odds offered can be pretty high.

There are six main kinds of bet we can place. Sometimes there may even be more betting options, especially when playing Sic bo. This can depend on the variation of the game that we are playing. The simplest bet is either a big bet or a small. Even money odds are given on whether the total of the three dice rolled is less than 10 or more than 11. If a triple is thrown, which means the same number appears on all three dice, the house wins. We can also bet on a particular number or a total of the dice being rolled. We can also bet on the combined sum of the numbers on the three dice, with the odds on the totals varying with the possibility of those totals appearing.

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Different Casino Bets

Players can also bet on the different triple numbers to be rolled. This means predicting the number that all three dice will show. The pay out on this online Sic bo bet is very high, which is understandable with the odds of this occurring. For the reasonably high odds of 24 to 1, we can also bet on any triple turning up, and even on a double that may appear on the roll of the dice. A double means two dice appearing with the same number.

The last two betting options in Sic bo are the wagers that can be placed are on any specific number appearing on the dice, and on any number rolled.  There are various possibilities of a combination that can appear on 2 out of the 3 dice.  Predicting accurately this combination will give a payout of 5 to 1. We can also play the simplest bet of all, which is predicting the number on a dice thrown, from the number 1 to 6, and we get paid according to the number of dice that appear with that number.

Choosing a Top Online Casino Site

Online casino game play is increasing every day, in every country, as much in Canada as elsewhere. Players in Canada can check out our reviews and ratings for help in choosing a reputable online casino in Canada, where they can enjoy playing Sic bo, or any of their other favourite games in utmost safety and security.