Samsung Watch Casinos in Canada

The newest craze to hit the Canadian market is smart watches, and Samsung being the huge brand that they are, are first and foremost in the running with the Samsung Watch. Running on Android OS and already into their second generation, the Samsung watch is now entering the world of online mobile casinos as a great discreet and truly mobile way to enjoy your casino experience.

Developers are scrambling to bring out more and more new and exciting games to play on your Samsung watch and online casinos in Canada are leading the way in researching how to best successfully port their product to the smart watch world.

Benefits and Challenges of Smartwatch Casinos

There are many benefits to being able to play online mobile casino games on your Samsung Watch. The first is obviously true mobility. Your watch goes everywhere you do, and you don’t need to be holding your phone. So long as your phone has an Internet connection, and is within range of the watch, you can use your watch to play games. And this means anywhere, in the bath, on the bus, at dinner, even in a meeting if you are brave.

This brings us to the second benefit. It’s discreet. Playing on your watch is much less intrusive and much less likely to get an irate response from your partner than playing on your phone. The third is that you can’t drop it. Since it is strapped to your wrist, you can take it anywhere while your mobile phone or other device remains safe in a bag or pocket. Another great benefit to the Samsung Watch is the screen size. Obviously its still way smaller than any other device, but as smart watches go it not bad, with crisp colours and a great touch screen interface.

As with every new technology there are challenges. The main challenge with playing online mobile casino games on your Samsung Watch is the screen size and processing power. The screen is small, so it’s definitely not suited to your high-end video slots. The best games to play are simple table card games like Blackjack or Poker.

Available Online Casino Games

There are not nearly as many games available for your Samsung Watch as for another Samsung smart device, but the list is growing daily. As mentioned the best ones to play are the table games, i.e. the cards games. There are many different kinds of table games available, such as black jack and poker, and even some little mini roulette games. These are mostly available as apps, which are run on your watch separately to your phone. There are also a few slot games coming out, obviously with much lower end graphics than available on your mobile, but still loads of fun to play. Canadian players can also choose between playing free games, i.e. ones that don’t use real money, and playing for actual dollars using a secure casino app. It is important to check that the Casino App that you have chosen for your Samsung Watch is safe and secure. At we have chosen the best casinos and games for your Samsung Watch and will always keep you updated as to new developments and interesting innovations.