Keno Online Casino in Canada

Keno is a very old lottery game. It was invented by the ancient Chinese, almost 2000 years ago, and was brought to the North America in the mid-1800s by the Chinese labourers that came to the United States. It was not popular among Americans, as it was a pretty complicated game, but in 1936 the game was simplified. It was now called keno, and became a pastime that gamers in America, Canada and in other countries found lots of fun, and gave players many opportunities for good wins.

A big reason for its popularity is the fact that it is convenient and easy to play. Keno is very similar to many other lottery games that we can play all over the world.  We pick a set of numbers, hold thumbs for a win, and wait for the drawing. There is an important difference between keno and most other lottery games, however. In keno there are many different ways to play a particular set of numbers. There are eighty different numbers for us to choose from, but only twenty will come up in the draw. Like other lottery games, Keno also has a low betting requirement.

Like most other lottery games, keno has a group of twenty lightweight balls that pop up out of a machine, with the winning numbers written on them. No human hands touch the balls, ensuring complete fairness. We mark our ticket with varying numbers from one to fifteen, or even more. We can play various combinations of those numbers. If there is more than one winner, the players will share the jackpot equally. This game does give the house a good advantage, as there are eighty numbers on the board but only twenty are drawn. Unlike bingo, when the games go on until there is a winner, in keno when the twenty numbers are drawn the game ends, whether there has been a winner or not.

To start a game of keno, we have to mark the ticket with the numbers we want to bet on, marking each of the numbers we want with an X. Each number is called a spot. If we choose four numbers, our ticket will be a four spot ticket.  Eight numbers give us an eight spot ticket. Probably new players should limit their choice to three, four or five numbers. If your numbers are among the twenty drawn we have won.

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Getting Involved in Online Keno

A straight ticket is one where the bet is simple, and the numbers chosen are marked with the X. A ticket marked with two or more sets of numbers which are consecutive is called a way ticket. A slot ticket is one where the numbers in the group are separate and do not follow each other, but are still marked in a group. A combination ticket is another option, although this is fairly complicated, and comprises various groups of numbers in a combination that will play simultaneously. Probably this is a choice beginners should avoid until they have had a few attempts at the game of keno.

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