Android Watch Casinos Online Canada

There are loads of smart watches on the market. One of the biggest software developers of said smart watches is Android, and their wonderful operating systems with delicious names like Ice Cream sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Android watches come in many different shapes and sizes, which meant that Canadians have a wide choice when it comes to selecting the particular watch for their needs. Obviously it does depend on your mobile device and what make or brand it is.

Which Android Watch to Choose?

So you have your mobile casino device, it’s connected to the Internet and you want to enjoy playing at online mobile casinos. Now you want the next step in mobile technology. So which watch do you choose?

Well obviously as mentioned before it has a lot to do with your brand of mobile device. Almost all Android devices have a complementary smart watch to choose from. Some have even gone on to third or fourth generation of the watches already. For the really discerning Canadian there are a few choices of Android watches to choose from, and we have a great range of those here at Android watches are constantly receiving updates, and new apps, so remember that what your watch can do today does not limit its power.

For Canadians who enjoy the online mobile casino world, the main things to look for are screen resolution, graphic quality, and connection speed. How fast does your watch connect with your mobile device? How close must it be? The screen part is obviously the most important.

Watch screens are by necessity quite small, so when playing your favourite game you want to be able pack as many graphics and colours into that screen as possible and still be able to make out what is going on. The next thing to look at is comfort ability. You don’t want to be distracted whilst playing your favourite game by a watch that keeps slipping or is simply too big and clumpy for your wrist.

Android Casino Game Apps

As the proud owner of an Android Watch, you will be pleased to know that there are more online casinos in Canada and more dedicated apps for your particular operating system than any other. Due to Androids huge popularity, online mobile casino developers have put great time, effort and dollars into developing not only games aimed specifically at android watch users, but dedicated apps and casinos too. Now there is a huge range of casino apps to choose from that are aimed right at you, and here at we have a wide choice of them. The games that you can select are not as graphic rich or at complex or even as varied as the choice that pc users have. This is understandable due to very nature of the technology of the Android Watch. Watches have small discreet screens, which is part of their draw, so heavy graphic games will not work on them. That being said, there are a number of online slot games, table games, and more available already, and more coming out all the time.